Return Policy


    1. The Seller will not replace or refund products bought by the Buyer due incorrect interpretation, if not agreed differently with the Seller.

    2. Cost of return will be pointed against additional cost of re-realization.

    3. The Buyer shall organise transportation of returned goods. The Buyer shall be obliged return products in the original package with the original configuration. Original package must be undamaged.

    4. The Seller do accept products which has been used, damaged, lost its commercial appearance or is some other way lost its original value.



    1. The Seller shall provide the sold goods with the manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty conditions may include on-site maintenance of the goods in the maintenance company authorised by the manufacturer, or transportation of the goods to the Seller’s office for replacement or repair. The term of the warranty, and the reaction time or maintenance time shall be specified by the manufacturer. It can be extended on the basis of a written agreement between the manufacturer and the customer.

    2. Should the product be subject to replacement, the goods must be returned in the original package, with the original configuration. The Buyer shall be obliged to return the respective invoice and copy of the waybill together with the goods, as well as to fill out the respective report (warranty form).

    3. The Seller shall organise transportation of goods covered with a warranty, if the goods cannot be repaired or replaced in country where goods were purchased.

    4. If it turns out that the goods returned under the warranty meet the requirements established by the manufacturer, the Buyer shall compensate to the Seller the expenses related to the delivery of the goods to and processing of the goods by the manufacturer.

    5. The guarantee provided by the manufacturer shall not be applied if it appears that the defects of products have occurred due to improper use of such products, i.e. when instruction/user manuals, instructions on storage and other instructions established by the manufacturer had not been followed.


    For RMA please fill a form. 

    Please provide RMA details (Purchase date; Invoice number; Problem descriptiom; Item number; Serial number) in text column,